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About Manpower Facility Managements

Manpower Facility Managements has been offering basic Housekeeping, Office Support, Horticulture & Electromechanical  services for past several years, our clients include both Indian as well as Multinational organizations who have been fully satisfied with the immaculate services extended to them. We have adequate infrastructure with trained personnel, machineries and equipments to undertake the jobs to perfection and your satisfaction.

We also do salary distribution on behalf of the companies & cover all statutory formalities for which we have ideal HR division.

Why Manpower Facility Managements

Periodic co-ordination meeting with authorised representatives of your management to evaluate the performance as well as for further improvements
Close familiarity with the industry
Wide client base that has complete faith in our capabilities
Adaptable to all kinds of technological and procedural overhauls
High levels of services at much lower price
Provision of trained personnel
Provision of personnel with uniforms
Quick reinforcement of manpower in emergency situations